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English will be the common language for all lectures, demonstration, discussions etc. However every effort is made by the lecturers to present their subjects in words which are easy to understand. They would alwarys be ready to help any student who has not understood them perfectly. Morewover, understanding varies with every individual, it is also the responsibility of the guardians to look after the studies of their ward at home.


The courses are conducted under the direct supervision and advice of the Board of Trustees. The institute insists on such FACULTIES who are specialised in a particular subject related to the Science of Vision//Optometry and can access the students needs and impart best knowledge and skills. Individual attention is given tostudents in the class for better progress.


The fullest opportunity is provided to students to carry out clinical work themselves throughout each course. Basic apparatus is provided but the students should have their own apparatus as intimated in the practical classes.


A special library class is included in daily routine. These classes are accountable with regular attendance records. The books for reading in the library class are provided from insitutes library as per applied rules & regulations.


a) Student of the B.S.(Optometry) who will secure atleast 70% marks in three consecutive annual examinations and stand first with honours marks(80% or above) in the final examination, will be awarded a TALENT GOLD MEDAL provided his or her conduct is found satisfactory by the authorities.

b) A GOLD MEDAL will be awarded to the student of Special DOS course who will stand first in the final examination , securing honours marks (80% or above) provided his or her other activities are found to be satisfactory by authorities.

c) In the case of B.S.(Optometry) students, if any students attendance is over 95% after final year and the conduct is good, he/she will be awarded with a special prize of appreciation.


All the students of third and fourth year B.S.(Optometry) have to attend 2 years compulsory rotatory observation at various eye clinics/camps/hospitals/social activities as per direction of the institute. As they need to build up their clinical knowledge gradually through these observations and releted instructions. For the students of Special Course, such attendance is considered sufficient after passing of their exmination only. The student have to maintain the code of conducts and rules and regulations of the organisation(s) where they will be sent for observations. The students have to bear the cost of conveyance and food for visiting the directed places.


Students of Clinical Optometry must have their own prescribed uniform.


80% or above attendance ofstudents in Classes be considered as collegiate and 79% to 70% shall be considered as non-collegiate. A Non-collegiate Student will have to pay Rs. 500/- as non collegiate fee. Below 70% attendance will be considered as Discollegiate.


All the students have to arrange their own accomodation facilities at their own cost and responsibility. The institute will not be liable in any case or performance or act made by any student outside the institute premises.


The examinations comprising of written, oral paractical and clinical tests for each course are binding to all students. A continious evaluation process determines the students' learning ability in each class and marks are given for each class perfomance which are accountable with annual aggregate.The examination schedules and their timings are intimated by the authority in due course. The examination schedule and timings may subject to change as per authority's discretion any time with a prior notice. Results are determind on Grading System, the detail of which are issued at the beginnng of the session. The grades secured by the candidates in each subject is displayed inthe DOS Diplomateship Registration Certificate of the candidate in each subject of each course. There is no provision of issuing seperate record sheet of the exmination results. In case of B.S.(Optometry) students' annual progress report is issued to intimate the guardians abut the students' current academic status.


Students who have passed in the aggregate but hace failed in not more than two subjects, will be allowed to appear in supplementary examinations in those subjects on payment of requisite fees. Such examinations will be held at the time ofnext annual examinations. Students who will not qualify for the supplementary examinations should seek their re-admission in the same class/course. But such re-admission will depend on discretion authority of the institute on the basis of their whole yearw' performance. If they are re-admitted they must follow the same curriculum as followed by the fresh students.


All students are expected to obey the instruction and follow the rules and regulations of the institute, both in ethical and financial aspects and those will be promulgated from time to time. The dress code for the students should be simple and semi-formals. Party wear casuals are strictly prohibited.

The authority of the institute reserve the right of erasing the name of any student from the register incase of irregular in attendance or indifferent to any aspect of studiesor mis-conducts. All decisions by the Governing Body of the institute will be final and binding.